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Designing Beyond Simple Packaging

With shelf after shelf of the same-looking stuff, product packaging plays a crucial role in consumers’ decision-making to buy certain products. And with the rise of eCommerce, the unboxing experience is an important part of the customer journey. Every element matters, and we make all of them look and feel fantastic.

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For some products packaging is more important than for others when it comes to buying behaviour.

The subjective importance of elements changes when the nature of the end use changes. Understanding the reasons which consumer buys the product is crucial in creating the fitting packaging and unboxing experience design. We’ll help you analyse your current packaging using PESTEL framework, research your consumer’s needs, make recommendations for form and function while also staying true to your brand’s value.

The PESTEL Framework for Packaging Analysis

We use the PESTEL framework to analyse packaging in today’s rapidly changing world of consumer trends. PESTLE or PESTEL is the analysis of Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Environmental and Legal trends, influencing the buying behaviour.

Understanding your consumer’s needs is the first step in analysing their unboxing experience. Afterwards we help you develop new ideas and create a strategic roadmap of their implementation. You can choose to work with us to also design the packaging, the unboxing experience.

You can start analysing your packaging today by downloading our effective workbook with step-by-step guides and creative exercises across 40+ pages to help you with analysing your current design and developing new solutions.

What businesses need unboxing experience design

In today’s world of user generated content (UGC), hauls, unboxing videos and aesthetic photos have a significant impact on how a modern consumer shops. That is why many industries profit not only from great packaging. Carefully developed unboxing experience design can significantly impact the sales of especially fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as:

How packaging elements influence buying behaviour

When buying products consumers pay attention to colour (93%), texture (6%), and smell and / or sounds (1%). Almost 85% confirm that colour is often the main factor influencing their buying decisions.

By the way, we have won a few awards. But our clients coming back to work with us is ultimately what makes us happy and proud. And we are excited to hear about your challenges and goals. So ready to learn more?

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