We make eye-tracking and consumer behaviour analysis financially feasible for small and medium sized businesses

Designing with the Brain in Mind: Our Neuromarketing Expertise

We combine scientific research in behavioural economics and consumer behaviour analysis with design solutions. For our clients – small and medium-sized companies – we make eye-tracking research of consumer buying behaviour financially feasible.

We use an MIT-certified AI tool to analyse products, use our knowledge to design more effective packaging, better customer journeys and create viable and long-term solutions. 

We provide your business with a unique set of skills to bridge data, technology and creativity, and strive to create unique solutions that work for you.

Neuromarketing-Driven Design: Shaping Brand Success Through Science

Eye Tracking and heatmap analysis is a crucial research method for understanding how consumers interact with your product. We analyse your products individually and in stores, create reports, develop creative strategies, and design solutions. Our aim is to help you increase your product sales, enhance your brand awareness, and to achieve your business objectives by providing better designed products.

People recognise brands by

  • logo (75%)
  • style or visual elements (60%)
  • brand colours (45%) 
  • unique voice (25%)

Why Neuromarketing is Important

We work with an MIT-certified AI tool to make eye-tracking analysis financially feasible not only for large corporations.

How We Work

Ultimately we provide 3 packages for companies who want to go beyond simple visuals and are ready to invest in increasing their sales in subtle but smart ways:

Level 1

Eye-tracking heatmap analysis

Level 2

Analysis and Consulting

Level 3

Analysis, Consulting and Redesign

How Your Business Benefits from Neuromarketing Analysis

  • Deeper Consumer Insights
  • Enhanced Product Development
  • Effective Pricing Strategies
  • Reduced Risk of Misplaced Investments
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Efficient Marketing Spending
  • Predictive Insights
  • Enhanced Customer Journey and User Experience
  • Optimised Product Design and Information Hierarchy 
  • Supported Customer Decision-Making
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Prioritising of Design Changes
  • Optimised Spending on Design and Marketing
  • Improved Advertising Effectiveness
  • Increased Brand Loyalty
  • Optimised Retail Environments
  • Ethical Marketing

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