We combine consumer behaviour analysis with effective design solutions​

From Data to Design

We combine scientific research in behavioural economics and consumer behaviour analysis with design solutions. More specifically, we specialize in brand development, neuromarketing and unboxing experience design. For our clients, we provide a unique set of skills to bridge data, technology and creativity. We strive to create unique solutions that work for you.

Eye Tracking and heatmap analysis is a crucial research method for understanding how consumers interact with your product. We analyse your products individually and in stores, create reports, develop creative strategies, and design solutions. Our aim is to help you increase your product sales, enhance your brand awareness, and to achieve your business objectives by providing better designed products.

With shelf after shelf of the same-looking stuff, product packaging plays a crucial role in consumers’ decision-making to buy certain products. And with the rise of eCommerce, the unboxing experience is a crucial part of the buying experience. Every element matters, and we make all of them look and feel fantastic. We’ll help you develop a memorable unboxing experience for your consumers, worth sharing on social media.

When you think of your favourite brands, do they have strong, memorable logos? Great logos have a big job to do. But your logo is only part of your brand. Your brand represents who you are as a business and illustrates what makes you different from your competitors. Ultimately, we help you stand out in a crowd.


You can’t click a mouse or tap a screen without running into User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX). This is also true for emails, snail mail, gifts and special elements that bridge the online and offline worlds. We can help you develop a coherent and fun journey and enhance your audience’s O2O (Online to Offline) interaction with your brand.

Who we work with

The retail and consumer packaged goods industries are consistently shaped by evolving consumer demands, behaviours, and outlooks. Allow us to guide you through these transformations by utilizing consumer market research solutions to enhance your marketing strategy and position your brand for success in an ever-evolving environment. We assist you in understanding consumer needs, behaviours, and sentiments, in order to fine-tune your packaging design and brand strategy. 

We work with established B2B enterprises for various reasons. Many companies need a brand audit, others already have a basic branding but need brand expansion to cater to their growing needs. We help you with researching, analysing, and designing effective marketing and communication materials, and corporate templates. Additionally, we assist you with planning and organising design thinking workshops to encourage and develop creative solutions among your employees.

We work with other agencies and consultancies in two main ways: we partner them for big projects or we help them with refining their presentations to secure more business, and expand their client base.

Our expertise encompasses creative and concept development, proposition refinement, crafting campaigns, developing compelling products and services. If you're searching for a mutually benefitial long-term research and design partnership, your search ends here!

We work with public bodies, local authorities, educational institutions, non-profits, and political parties that rely on robust research and effective communication design. 

As a trusted creative partner for the public sector and non-profit organisations, we work across a wide range of topics: branding, design of educational materials, communication templates, reports for stakeholders, campaigns, and more.

414 Stands for Data and Design

We work with 80-20 principle: 80% of the project time is invested in researching and analysing the problem to develop effective solutions. The remaining 20% is used for designing the final solution. We strongly believe that successful design is possible when enough time is spent on understanding the core of the problem in question. It is not a coincidence that Studio414 stands for Data And Design.

By the way, we have won a few awards. But our clients coming back to work with us is ultimately what makes us happy and proud. And we are excited to hear about your challenges and goals. So ready to get to know us?

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